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Please Note: This website is primarily for informational purposes. To view FGC's full company information, please visit: www.futureglobal.net. Future Global Corporation (FGC) is a Real Estate Investment and Alternative Asset Management corporation based in Maryland with target strategies in North America. FGC is made up of several seasoned Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Agents with over 30 years of combined experience. Since the company’s inception, FGC has become a well-known and dominate force in the Real Estate industry. For over thirty years combined, the active members of FGC have been investing in residential and commercial real estate. Through the ever-changing real estate market conditions, unexpected challenges are inherent. What differentiates FGC from its competition is how it navigates these challenges to meet its goals. The company continues to maintain a very strong track record of purchasing, renovating and the selling of several residential & commercial properties in North America. FGC understands that consistency and reliability is vital to our Investors, thus meeting their expectations is the company's top priority.

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The Future Global Corporation (FGC) Fund invests in underperforming properties in North America, including residential, office, retail and multifamily, with the objective of creating value through active management, capital expenditure and financing initiatives. Through FGC's various strategies the company will offer investors better rates than the average stock, bond, CD or savings account. Participating Investors can expect: Transparency, Integrity, Responsibility, Community, Accountability, Quarterly shareholder liquidity and Professionally managed strategies.


Our Funds will acquire well-located, distressed, residential assets in submarkets across the East Coast and North America to generate attractive current income and achieve superior total returns through low risk, value-added enhancement strategies.


Our Funds will be focused on major residential & commercial property markets across the East Coast and North America and will seek to create a diverse portfolio with a broad geographic footprint of assets.


FGC believes these markets generally (i) support a large population of over 1.5 million; (ii) offer lower rent growth volatility; (iii) provide a sizable transaction market to maximize investor interest upon exit; (iv)project attractive total returns based on historical capitalization rates and expected rent growth; and (v) have the ability to be supported by FGC’s management team.

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Up to 15% Annual Return on Investment | Centralized Investment Process & Highly Detailed Portfolio Management. For a copy of our Private Placement Memorandum, please contact us: info@futureglobal.net


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Future Global Corporation

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Private Equity

FGC’s Private Equity segment was established in 2015. Our Private Equity funds are organized by geography or industry and are advised by separate teams of professionals who live and work in the markets where they invest. We believe this diversity of funds allows us to deploy more targeted and specialized […]


Real Estate Investments

FGC’s real estate fund, has professional management focused on real estate infrastructure, acquisitions, and development. Our real estate funds pursue investment opportunities in North America while our power funds focus on acquisitions, growth capital investments and strategic joint ventures in the lower class to middle class real estate markets. Future […]


Asset Management

Underwriting Process and Investment Criteria For our funds, proposed development projects must meet certain criteria before being considered, including the following: I. Nature of Underlying Real Estate: Our primary focus is the residential & commercial real estate development industry, specifically lower class to middle class residential markets. Land development, single-family […]