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Private Equity


FGC’s Private Equity segment was established in 2015. Our Private Equity funds are organized by geography or industry and are advised by separate teams of professionals who live and work in the markets where they invest. We believe this diversity of funds allows us to deploy more targeted and specialized investment expertise and strategies and offers our fund investors the ability to better tailor their investment choices. Our Private Equity teams have two primary areas of focus:

  • Acquisition & Development Funds: Our purchasing teams advise a diverse group of funds that focus either on a particular geography of North America (by State), or a particular industry (e.g., financial short term lending).
  • Growth Capital Funds: Our growth capital funds are advised by three regionally-focused teams with specific regional investment considerations. By January 1, 2016, our growth capital funds are estimated to reach $2,500,000 in AUM (assets under management).

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