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The Company
Future Global Corporation (FGC) is a Real Estate Investment and Alternative Asset Management Company based in Maryland with target strategies on the East Coast and in North America. FGC is made up of several seasoned Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Agents with over 30 years of combined experience. Since the company’s inception, FGC has become a well-known and dominate force in the Real Estate industry. For over thirty years combined, the active members of FGC have been investing in residential & commercial real estate. Through the ever-changing real estate market conditions, unexpected challenges are inherent.
What differentiates FGC from its competition is how it navigates these challenges to meet its goals.
FGC continues to maintain a very strong track record of purchasing, renovating, selling and holding several residential & commercial assets in North America. FGC understands that consistency and reliability is vital to our Investors, thus meeting their expectations is the company’s top priority. Currently, several real estate investment opportunities exist within the company. FGC is currently seeking prospective investors to partner with the company for a long term, mutually beneficial opportunity in FGC’s emerging private equity fund: Future Global Real Estate Partners I

Along with FGC, Future Global Company, LLC is a company comprised of experienced young professionals that relentlessly pursue the goal of locating and acquiring lower to upper class assets. Future Global Corporation is a leader in creative asset solutions, acquisitions, development and rehabilitation throughout the East Coast and North America. Our scalable business model will rapidly create growing revenue targeting lower to upper class real estate markets expanding globally in the future and creating profits for our investors.
FGC is a registered company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Company Interest
Future Global Corporation is comprised of long term Real Estate professionals seeking members for the company’s newest fund: Future Global Real Estate Partners Fund I. Fund I invests in under performing properties in North America, including residential, office, retail and multifamily, with the objective of creating value through active management, capital expenditure and financing initiatives. The fund will offer investors a guaranteed 10% minimum return.
Through the Regulation D, Private Offering, FGC will offer better rates than the average stock, bond, CD
or savings account. Members can capitalize further on the investment made via the convertible feature on
the preferred offering. Funds will be used for both residential & commercial assets, deposit funds, transactional
funds, acquisitions and renovations as well as “flips” and Buy & Hold strategies, are all featured.

The Difference
With several real estate investment companies and options available in this day and age,
what makes Future Global Corporation different?

There are indeed several companies and investment options available to prospective investors across the globe. What makes FGC different is the low risk investment, the higher amount of return and the exclusive access to several assets nationwide.
Due to the company’s distressed marketing websites, FGC currently has access to numerous non-listed, private, distressed properties within the target areas. With the right teams and funding in place, the process of acquiring multiple, revenue generating assets are significantly reduced. Future Global Corporation has the staff and manpower to finish the projects quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, there is a healthy market for lower to upper class residential & commercial assets. There are over 549,000 residential properties that are in some form of foreclosure in the U.S. Our investment opportunities are low risk, secured by real estate, the company has a proven formula & track record and offers better returns on investments versus a CD, Stock, Bond or your standard 1%-2% in a savings account.

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