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Future Global Real Estate Partners – Fund I, II, III Summary


Future Global Corporation (“FGC”), having been duly authorized by the Board of Directors, has evaluated Future Global Real Estate Partners Fund I, II and III (the “Fund”). The Fund will seek to acquire well-located Lower to Upper Class residential & commercial assets in supply-constrained submarkets across the East Coast and United States to generate attractive current income and achieve superior total returns through low risk, value-added enhancement strategies. The Fund will implement a disciplined and focused approach to acquire these assets. Future Global Corporation (“FGC”) will add value to the investments by leveraging its extensive operating platform. Given current pricing conditions and property fundamentals, FGC believes a prudent strategy is to invest in markets that have strong demand/supply fundamentals and relatively high capitalization rates in order to generate attractive current income with lower risk. The Fund will be focused on major markets across the East Coast and United States and will seek to create a diverse portfolio with a broad geographic footprint. More specifically, the following 14 markets have been identified as “Target Markets”: Boston, MA; Northern/Central New Jersey; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; Raleigh/Durham, NC; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Tampa, FL; Orlando, FL; Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Delaware; Baltimore, MD; South Carolina; and Pennsylvania. FGC believes these markets generally (i) support a large population of over 1.5 million; (ii) offer lower rent growth volatility; (iii) provide a sizable transaction market to maximize investor interest upon exit; (iv)project attractive total returns based on historical capitalization rates and expected rent growth; and (v) have the ability to be supported by FGC’s management team. Other smaller markets may also be considered on a selective basis where FGC has a core competency and attractive risk adjusted returns are projected. No more than 25% of capital will be deployed in any one market. FGC believes that the Fund can capture a compelling market opportunity.

The Fund’s Target Markets are expected to have outsized cash flow growth since they typically capture a disproportionate share of renter demand compared to the U.S. average. Residential & Commercial supply is estimated to remain at reasonable levels. This dynamic, coupled with the relatively high going-in yields generated in the Target Markets, should result in appealing current income, lower risk, and a superior total return.

Due to FGC’s growing reputation in the industry and regionally focused teams, it often has unusual access to attractive opportunities, at times securing assets before they are offered to other purchasers and/or selected over competing bidders. By utilizing market information generated from regionally based teams, FGC seeks to avoid over-heated markets and is able to carefully select and underwrite opportunities. There continues to be significant demand drivers for residential & commercial assets including, the growing echo-boomer population, the growth of the U.S. population in general, the decline in home ownership rates, and the anticipated job growth in the economy.

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Future Global Real Estate Partners – Fund I, II and III