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High ROI

Use of Funds
Future Global Corporation’s array of investments are comprised of tangible real property investments that have the potential to generate high profits for our investors. Funds will be directly used for:
– Property Acquisitions
– Property Renovations
– Transactional Funding
– Deposit Funding
– Refinancing
– Marketing

The Difference
With several real estate investment companies and options available in this day and age,
what makes Future Global Corporation different?

There are indeed several companies and investment options available to prospective investors across the globe. What makes FGC different is the low risk investment, the higher amount of return and the exclusive access to several assets nationwide.
Due to the company’s distressed marketing websites, FGC currently has access to numerous non-listed, private, distressed assets within the target areas. With the right teams and funding in place, the process of acquiring multiple, revenue generating assets are significantly reduced. Future Global Corporation has the staff and manpower to finish the projects quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, there is a healthy market for Residential & Commercial Acquisitions. There are over 549,000 residential properties that are in some form of foreclosure in the U.S. Our investment opportunities are low risk, secured by real estate, the company has a proven formula & track record and offers better returns on investments versus a CD, Stock, Bond or your standard 1%-2% in a savings account.

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