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Future Global Corporation is seeking experienced private investors to build long lasting relationships by funding minimal risk Real Estate Acquisitions, Renovations and Developments. If you are a prospective investor seeking to increase your portfolio or an exciting opportunity to gain a profitable return on your investment,  contact us.


Future Global Corporation’s array of investments are comprised of tangible property investments that have the potential to generate profits for our investors. When you partner with FGC, you’re working with professional Real Estate investors who offer expertise in:

  • Acquisitions
  • Property Management
  • Buy & Hold Strategies
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Greater Monthly Income
  • Deal Structuring
  • Short Term Lending
  • Retail Renovation Sales


Low Minimum Amount: As with any funding opportunity there is a level of risk involved.
FGC allows all investors to participate and earn extra income with short or long term capital appreciation derived from lower minimum investment amounts

Higher Rate of Return: Up to 15% ROI.

Convenience:  We offer several diversified real estate portfolios

Flexibility:  12 Month – 60 Month Investment Periods

Transparency:  Investors have full access to the entire portfolio of assets

Customization:  We offer less volatility to our investors

Available Documents for Prospective Investors:

Private Placement Memorandum
Business Plan
Executive Summary
Pitch Book
Income Projections
SEC Registration & Acceptance (Securities Exchange Commission)
Limited Partnership Agreement
Subscription Documents